Make Your Own Farmhouse Style Fall Decor with Tommy Art DIY Paint System

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Rene’s sunflower sign is just one of the several fabulous fall DIYs she demonstrated in her Facebook Live video.

Don’t you just love crafting your own home decor? One of the best things about DIY is that you can create items that perfectly reflect your personality. Don’t want to hang up the same pumpkin spice signs that everyone on your block has? DIY your own! With the many great products available on the market today, it’s easy to create one-of-a-kind decor that will make you proud of your skills, and perhaps make your friends a little jealous. 🙂

Country Sampler stylist Rene Haines partnered with Tommy Art to create some inspired fall projects on the Farmhouse Style Facebook page (click here to watch her Facebook Live video: Using Tommy Art’s 3D Dust Crackle mixed with some Tommy Art paint and a stencil Rene made a darling dimensional sunflower sign that just brightens up fall days. The 3D Dust Crackle gives paint the consistency of a paste, which as Rene notes, makes it easier to work with the stencil (no bleeding paint underneath!). As a finishing touch, Rene sponge-painted the edge of her yellow sunflower on the wood sign with Metallic Copper paint. Oh, that little bit of shimmer just makes your sign shine! And as we’re seeing in the home decor world right now, copper is hot. So definitely add some copper touches to your home this fall. Rene’s sign included wording, which she added to her sign easily using a simple transfer technique and Tommy Art’s Transfer Gel. There are various ways you can do transfers (and many different materials you can transfer on). Tommy Art’s Transfer Gel makes it easy. Watch Rene to see how easy it is, and you’ll be wanting to transfer all sorts of designs around your home.

Want something even simpler than making a fall sign? How about just embellishing inexpensive plastic pumpkins? Upcycling dollar-store finds is a quick and inexpensive way to get your own fabulous decor without overspending your budget. And your friends won’t believe you did it yourself! In the video, Rene shows how cheap plastic pumpkins can look like designer decor when just touched up with some dabs of dark paint and copper accents. Simple, but sensational!

Isn’t this copper-rimmed chalkboard sign perfect for fall? See how Rene created it in her video.

A final easy-to-craft project is a fall chalkboard Rene made from an old metal tray she had around. With a coat of copper paint around the edges and chalkboard paint in the center, this past-its-prime tray easily became a fun chalkboard accent.

It’s easy to fashion your own fall decor, as Rene showed us. And with Tommy Art’s DIY Paint System, your creativity will know no bounds. Try your hand at a fall stenciled sign, painted inexpensive pumpkins or upcycle a tray. We’d love to see your own creations!


Here’s a look at the Tommy Art products Rene used:


Tommy Art 3D Paint System Products:

Transfer gel:

3D Dust Crackle:

Rock paste:

Neutral wax:


Tommy Art 3D Paint System Mineral Paint

Pure orange:


Brown black:



Metallic Copper:


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