Our Top Sweet Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

I just loved these heartfelt little pillows made from scraps of fabric and lace that I saw at a local vintage shop.

Hello from Farmhouse Style managing editor, Lisa Sloan. Are any of you sweet on Valentine’s Day decorating? Granted, it’s a short holiday, and it may seem like you’ve just packed up the last of your Christmas decor, so why bother? Where I live in the Midwest, the early winter months feature a lot of gray skies and slushy roads, so it brightens my spirit to pull out cheerful pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks. So if you’re looking for a little February fun, I have some creative and cute ideas for you to help celebrate this day.

Flower frogs are great for holding up vintage cards in a display.

This year, Target stores stocked their “dollar” spot with loads of cute heart-themed decor, and I was able to nab some Cupid-approved baking dishes, cake stands and cutting boards that will make charming displays. I never was able to locate any of those vintage-style pink ceramic love birds I coveted though (but I did see them selling for six times the sticker price on Marketplace—ugh!). I also adore old-time Valentine’s cards, and I have a few local shops I visit every year to add to my collection. I look for cards that have charming graphics and silly sayings, and I display them with the help of my metal flower frog collection. If the Valentine’s cards are in good condition, I don’t mind writing on the back. In fact, I actually love thinking about the long-grown kids who signed their names on the back in their best printing or penmanship. Whether you discover these old-fashioned cards or just pick up a box of the dime-store versions, decorating with Valentine’s cards are an easy way to romance your decor. You can showcase the cards in photo holders or small frames, pin them to ribbon dangling from a window or doorway or simply gather them together in a charming basket.

It’s so fun to add a few festive pillows to the mix, whatever the occasion.

One of my other favorite ways to add Valentine’s style to my rooms is by bringing in themed accent pillows or pillow covers. I try to look for a variety of shapes and sizes. A few of them are neutral with textured motifs, so I can even leave them out a little longer. There’s also a woodworker in the next town over who makes seasonal plywood “door sitters” that rest on the tops of door, window or even mirror frames—no nails required—so I purchased some cheeky cherubs that add a splash of color and whimsy.

But beyond decorating, I enjoy sharing the day with friends and loved ones. I prefer meaningful messages and thoughtful treats over grand gestures. I have such happy memories of swapping cards and receiving small tokens, like the box of conversation hearts my mom would place by my plate on Valentine’s morning. I’ve always tried to do the same for those I love, especially my three daughters. This year, I found heart-spangled fuzzy socks and I’ll be wrapping them up with a candy treat and a gift card for coffee or ice cream. I even found a special treat for furry family members. Our dog passed away last summer, but I know my mom’s pup will enjoy some conversation Milk Bones! I’m sending my parents a treat, too—locally made gourmet popcorn.

A thrift-store cherub perches on a stack of wooden books.

If you’re looking for decorations for your home or small gifts to make, you’re sure to find something you like in our Farmhouse Style Spring 2022 issue, which includes a “Farmhouse from the Heart” feature on page 98. Pick up your issue today at newsstands or through our website and give yourself a treat this February!

Trading on nostalgia, these conversation biscuits are great for a special pup.
These adorable Valentine girls decorate gift bags filled with treats for my daughters.

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