Bring Your Home to Life with Vintage Finds

Deb sorts through some of her vintage finds.

Today’s article is a guest post from Deb Foglia, the blogger behind Seeking Lavender Lane and the online shopping site Vintage Keepers. Deb is passionate about all things vintage, and wanted to share her thoughts on how vintage decor can enhance your home.

When decorating your home, you should select pieces that make it a special place, whether those are photographs of your family, found pieces from your travels, furnishings that were passed down or saved up for, or art and handmade creations. Home should be your comfort and oasis, but it also can be a showcase for who you are and your creative touch.

As founder of the blog Seeking Lavender Lane, I have been decorating and sharing style tips and DIY tricks for years. My posts on the blog and my Instagram page @seekinglavenderlane show behind-the-scenes peeks of me impulsively painting, scoring vintage finds, and styling for each new season. Today I’m sharing my favorite way give my home personality, and that’s with vintage items!

Evidence of use, like rust of wear, gives vintage goods unique charm.

I truly believe a home comes to life with vintage finds. You can’t find these items just anywhere, and the hunt makes it extra special. Though I love strolling the aisles of Homegoods or Target or browsing online home decor sites, there is truly nothing better than a vintage score. Pieces of the past with a one-of-a-kind feel make for that extra-curated style. A vintage item truly elevates a space.

Including vintage touches has been an interior design secret for years. Design professionals know these items, sourced from flea market or high-end antiques shops, are what make spaces feel more authentic. With the help of Pinterest and access to online as well as local sources of vintage goods, the average homeowner can now achieve a designer look on their own.

Whether your style is grandmillenial, rustic, farmhouse, cottage or traditional, you can seek out vintage goods to make your home more interesting. With websites like my new endeavor, Vintage Keepers, you can easily find goods to fit your favorite look. I created the site for my followers who have always complimented my own vintage accents and wanted to find similar items.

The vintage world has exploded in the last few years with a new generation of vintage lovers, due to popular shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Home Town.” Not to mention popular design accounts on Instagram that showcase rooms that have a distinctive look due to the unique vintage furnishings and accessories. With the spotlight on these pieces of the past, the younger generation is giving them new life while also inspiring the older generation to hang onto things they thought might be outdated and recycle them into trendy conversation pieces.

Vintage is not only stunning, unique and affordable but it is also great for our environment, when we consider it as being part of the circular economy.

When decorating a new room or changing vignettes for the season, consider including a few items from the past to bring depth, dimension and character to your space. With vintage, you can truly have a home that feels on trend and suited to your style, plus it will have the authenticity and collected touch that brand-new decor lacks.

A vintage still life brings drama to a fireplace wall.
A mix of books and vintage items boosts the visual appeal of this built-in.
Pairing a portrait with a rustic breadboard adds depth to a kitchen display.

Be sure to check out past issues of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style to discover creative DIYs and other ways you can use vintage items in your decorating. 

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  1. yess absolutely agree that store bought is mah…things everyone else has..vintage makes the home unique because not everyone else is going to have those exact finds

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