Who Doesn’t Love to Decorate Their Home with Vintage-Style Art? Enter Our Giveaway for a Chance to Win a $200 Gift Card for Vintage-Inspired Signs from Olive Branch Farmhouse!

Vintage-looking signs are a staple of farmhouse-style decorating. A large old-fashioned piece looks stunning over the mantel of a fireplace or hanging above the headboard of a bed, but with so many charming designs and themes, these nostalgic-themed treasures can also be fun to include in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, even mudrooms. Country Sampler Farmhouse Style has partnered with Olive Branch Farmhouse for a one-week-only giveaway for your chance to win a $200 gift card to choose your own vintage-inspired signs for your home. Christy at Olive Branch Farmhouse uniquely designs each one of her canvas signs to look as though it was found in your grandpa’s barn. Even though the canvas is smooth, you’ll swear the peeling paint, chipped wood and aged images were authentically rough to the touch.

Olive Branch Farmhouse offers hundreds of signs in various sizes and themes, including designs for different seasons as well as everyday display. For fall the Sunflower Farm sign with cheery yellow sunflowers would make a nice welcome in your entryway. Or if you’re a Halloween lover, the Hocus Pocus Bed & Breakfast sign is a whimsical piece that can be personalized with your family name. Christmas and holiday designs include vintage images of Santa Claus, sleigh ride advertisements and even feel-good sayings for the season. For every day, Olive Branch Farmhouse has tummy-rumbling kitchen signs, flea-market-inspired designs, simple botanical images and Christian sayings. With this many delightful pieces, you’re sure to find something just right for that spot in your home.

Nostalgic-looking signs are a great way to bring that vintage look into your home, and they are the perfect complement to family mementos, flea-market finds or vintage treasures. When choosing signs such as these or other wall art for your home, keep in mind these few tips.

  • Don’t hang art too high. It should be hung so the center of it is at your eye level. Many art galleries showcase art at 5 feet from the floor, which is a good place to start. But if you’re placing a piece above a table, sofa or other piece of furniture, place your sign or wall art about 3–8 inches above the furniture piece.
  • Complement the space. If you have a large open wall, consider bigger statement signs or prints. If you have a small space or narrow wall, choose smaller items. Many people hang art that is either too small or too big for the space. You need to keep scale and proportion in mind. When you walk into a room, you want to be visually gobsmacked by the artwork. Or if it’s a small piece hung in a narrow spot, you want to be surprised and delighted at coming across it.
  • Group several items together. Choose different-sized signs or prints and try them out in various groupings. Think in terms of odd numbers. Maybe place one large piece on the left and two smaller items on the right, or line up three same-size prints horizontally in a row. When grouping artwork with words or various images, keep some of the pieces simple. If everything is busy, the eye won’t know where to rest and the whole display can look chaotic.
  • Make a vintage sign part of a gallery wall. Group a piece like Olive Branch Farmhouse’s Country Kitchen sign with old-fashioned ladles, mixing spoons or cheese graters. Smaller herb signs can also be mixed in.
  • Enhance a single sign or print. Hang your artwork on the wall, then attach a complementary ribbon to the wall above it and have it drape to the sides of your artwork, so it looks as though it’s hanging from the ribbon. Or hang a piece of fabric on the wall or a large open frame and display your sign or artwork in front of it. For smaller signs, nestle them inside a wreath for your door.

Now that you have some ideas on how to use pieces like Olive Branch Farmhouse’s vintage-inspired signs in your decorating, don’t wait to get in on the fun! Click here to enter the contest today and you may be the lucky winner browsing through their site with a $200 gift card in hand. Remember, this is a one-week-only contest, so be sure to enter now!

Click here to visit Olive Branch Farmhouse to see all their vintage-inspired canvas signs.





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