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Get Organized for Back to School

With a little planning and clever DIYs for keeping everything in its place, you’re sure to ace the busy season ahead.


The back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and getting your home and family ready may seem daunting. But never fear! With a few quick projects and a bit of preparation, your family will breeze through the start of the school year.

First, clean and organize your children’s homework space. It doesn’t have to be a large or elaborate space, just a designated spot where kids can focus. It can be in your home office, at a desk in their bedroom or at the kitchen table. If storage for school supplies is limited in your chosen homework space, create a transportable caddy filled with pencils, crayons, markers and anything else kids might need.

Next, create a command center or drop zone, a central area that usually includes a family calendar but can also include a place to store and organize papers, receipts and mail; a chalkboard or magnetic board for messages; a weekly menu plan; and hooks for keys, coats and backpacks. Tailor your command center so it works for your family, but at the very least, you’ll want a large calendar so everyone can keep track of school functions, lunch menus, after-school activities, appointments and playdates.

Lastly, ease your family back into the school mindset by slowly adjusting daily routines. Wake up children a little earlier each morning, and get them ready for earlier bedtimes. Adapt meal and snack times to reflect a school-like schedule so the restrictions of school won’t come as a surprise.

With these few organization tips, your family will start the school year off on the right foot!

Get Organized for Back to School Get Organized for Back to School
Designate an orderly drop space in your entryway by using a large collage-style picture frame, like Lora Green of Craftivity Designs did. Designed and photographed by Lora Green for Beauty in the Mess. As seen in Country Sampler Autumn Decorating 2018. Bri Adams of Parties With a Cause struggled to find a better system for her children’s backpacks that also blended with her farmhouse decor, so she designed her own using reclaimed barnwood.
Designed and photographed by Bri Adams of Parties With a Cause. As seen in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Spring 2019.

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