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C'mon, Get Cozy!

Blogger, boutique owner and Country Sampler Farmhouse Style contributor Liz Marie Galvan welcomes us into her "fixer-upper farmhouse" in her recently published book, Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home, which is packed with inspiration for infusing any home with comfort and warmth.

C'mon Get Cozy!
Liz Marie Galvan settles in at her dining room table to consider her next decorating move.
Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Galvan.

Creating a warm, inviting home means much more than a simple aesthetic to blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan, who shares what she's learned throughout her decorating journey in the recently published book, Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home (Thomas Nelson, 2019).

C'mon Get Cozy!

As a young girl growing up in Michigan, Liz Marie would skip cartoons in favor of decorating shows. (Christopher Lowell’s shows and "Trading Spaces" were among her favorites.) Later, as a young military wife living across the country from friends and family, she sought to create a safe and cozy environment where she and her husband, Jose, could relax between his deployments.

Because she was on a budget, tackling DIY projects and repurposing garage-sale pieces quickly became part of her repertoire as she fixed up their rented townhome. She began sharing her ideas on her popular Liz Marie Blog.

Today, she, her husband, and son Copeland Beau live on an 8-acre Michigan farm, along with an assortment of sheep, dogs, cats, chickens and honeybees. They dubbed their home White Cottage Farm and have been busy renovating the 1800s farmhouse and running a home decor and vintage boutique that they co-own.

As promised in the title, the book delivers 100 different cozy-contributing ideas, divided up by rooms or areas in the home. You'll find step-by-step instructions for projects such as hanging shiplap or making a wreath as well as tips on incorporating vintage lighting, displaying collections, adding wall texture and much more.

C'mon Get Cozy!
This area of Liz Marie’s home boasts a combination of shiplap and beadboard, illustrating how a mix of wall textures heightens visual appeal.

Liz Marie admits that writing a book while juggling a baby, a business and a blog was not something she planned, but she says, "There's never a perfect time ... but I hope through this book and a glimpse into our unfinished and imperfect life, you can see that you can make your home cozy no matter what your life looks like right now."

C'mon Get Cozy!
In this snug corner, plump pillows and a plush throw make a case for curling up with a good book in hand. Liz Marie recommends selecting covers that are one size bigger than your pillow for a luxurious look.

Get started boosting your home’s cozy quotient with Liz Marie’s easy-to-implement advice, excerpted from the Kitchen section of the book (reprinted with permission from Thomas Nelson).

Adding the Five Senses
To turn up the cozy, quickly add the five senses to any space.
1. Smell: Light a candle or bake something yummy to get your house smelling cozy. Or bring home some fresh flowers.
2. Sight: Do a five-minute pickup of the space, and use this time to declutter, to freshen things up, and to make the room look more relaxed.
3. Touch: Add a comfy throw or pillow to any space to give it that instant cozy vibe. Have a little more time? Add a rug to define the space and amp up the cozy factor.
4. Hearing: Take a minute to pamper your ears and your mind with something that is cozy and soothing, whether it's music, a podcast, background noise, or silence. You might try a cozy-inspired playlist too. We created one on Spotify called "Cozy White Cottage" that we'd love to share with you.
5. Taste: Grab a cup of coffee or tea to curl up in your cozy spot. I like to have my current favorite drink waiting so I have a little luxury to look forward to when I settle down in the evening. As I write this, I'm sipping on sweet tea. Allowing yourself to taste that little luxury gives all the cozy vibes from the outside in.

Unless otherwise noted, photography by Anna Vanderberg, Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home by Liz Marie Galvan, reprinted with permission of Thomas Nelson.

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