Farmhouse Style Autumn 2019

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Fresh Farm-Style Homes
The cozy warmth of autumn is evident in these four seasonally decorated homes from across the country. Tour four residences wrapped in fall's delights--they will have you making plans for a farmhouse home of your own!

Recipes for Repurposing
Thrift stores and flea markets are often overflowing with vintage bakeware that is just a bit too old or rusty for the kitchen. Turn those forlorn pieces into unique decorative objects with utilitarian style.

Create a Farmhouse Kitchen
Whether you're remodeling, renovating or simply redecorating, find out from these design inspirations what makes for a unique country kitchen.

Fresh from the Orchard
In the season of bounty, these round, shiny fruits are the stars of the harvest, on the trees as well as in the home. Enjoy the sweet ways we've used an apple theme in DIY decor projects.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket
The tobacco basket, once an obsolete workplace tool, has been collected, salvaged and repurposed to become a favorite in farmhouse decorating. Displayed alone or dressed up with seasonal fare, these baskets have become a dynamic home accent.

Ingenuity at Work
Meet Mario Barahona, founder of Rio Craft and Design. Building a dining table for his family's home was the beginning of a new career for this retired firefighter with a passion for woodworking.

Getting Started on Canning
Eating food you preserved yourself is rewarding, delicious and healthy. If you've always wanted to try your hand at canning but weren't sure of the process, this primer will get you started on a pantry filled with fresh delights.

Bountiful Barn Gathering
Join this New England family who put a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving by celebrating outdoors in a classic horse barn. With simple, elegant decor and a delicious meal, it's an event they'll never forget!

Heartwarming Soups & Stews
Keep the cold at bay and cuddle up on the couch with a generous bowl of one of these satisfying soups and stews.

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